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Bored to Death
Authur: Ashton Albright
Challenge: Vanilla #1 and White Chocolate #2
Word Count: 198
Rating: E (for everyone)
Summary: My reaction to shopping...

I leaned back into the car letting the air escape me. I made a death rattle drawing attention to me slumped in the middle of all the people. I kept my eyes open until they burned. I tried not to let my chest move as I barely breathed.

A kid poked me in the side. I flinched and the kid laughed. The mother told him not to mess with strangers.

I made my death rattle again, this time louder.

A heard a few people scoffed at my display. I finally heard the sound I had been waiting on. The exasperated sigh of distain that I knew so well, mother had come out of the shop. She found me acting like a dead body in one of the chairs outside the clothing shop.

“Really, do you have to do this every time I take you shopping?”

I acted like I was being revived from the dead. For a moment I shambled like a movie zombie then snapped out of it. “You do not take me shopping. You take me with you shopping, to what purpose I have no idea. You bring me, I think, to bore me to death.”