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[sticky post]Welcome to my Journal
So because I just noticed that I did not do this originally, I want to make a welcome to my journal sticky post.

Welcome to the place were the dark recesses of mind reach out and place themselves upon paper for you to see them.  I write things that either pull from an odd direction or are dark in nature. 

I am trying to become a writer (if anyone will publish me...).  I'll probably edit this when I have more time.

If you like my stuff and want to help encourage me go to this link -> http://www.facebook.com/theotherAA  <- and hit like.  So far that has been a huge help to me. 

Comments and criticisms are always welcome in my opinion.  How can someone improve if no one tells them they suck?  How would the king have known he was naked had no one said anything?


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You can now self publish threw amazon.com for free or no cost.
epublishing in kindle format is free and the paperback publishing place they send you too only cost is for the proof.
I currently have two items up.
A vampire tragedy
A sub-conscious muse
The later is a collection of poetry.

I have looked into barnes and noble some theirs was pretty complicated. How is the kindle one set up.

Extremely easy
its all step by step.
You put in the title, put in the text.
They have a link at the bottom of the page for publishing.
Heck, my mother could probably do it and she couldn't learn dos.
You even set the price. If you have everything it shouldn't take even an hour to set up an acount and add a book.
You really should go look it over.

I'll check it out tonight. Thank you.

Yo man, noticed you're a writer. Awesome. I too, enjoy writing and was wondering if you know of www.writerscafe.org. Great site. If you ARE on the site, like to know the name there so as to read some of your stuff. Look for me (danielscanlon)

Thanks man...Take care

I'll check it out thanks.

Yo "Double A" (AA)....just thought I'd add that my birthday is April 15...two days after yours. Anyway, looking forward to reading ur writings as I invite you to do the same.

I'm out.

Cool, I guess you saw were I joined the other site. Thanks again. It seems interesting I am still figuring everything out.

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