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Hero's Clarity
Mr. Marvelous set on the short stairs leading into the building. Between his fingers danced a dull gold coin. His eyes followed the glint of the streetlight as it flashed off the coin. He became lost in thought about the man that gave him the coin. The coin had no meaning, no value, it was nothing but a coin. It was very much like the law that he imposed upon criminals. It had no meaning until given meaning.

Frankie Fire taught him the hero's law. He was the man that trained Mr. Marvelous after Dominic faked his own death. Frankie had handed him the coin his first day explaining to him that the coin was a symbol. To Mr. Marvelous the coin would become his symbol of all that was good.

For many years Mattie Marvelous associated his coin with his good. Any time he he had doubts about his morals he could look at the coin and be reminded of all of his lessons. Then, just hours ago, Frankie dropped a figurative bombshell on him.

"You still carry that thing? I figured by now you would've learned what I meant to teach you. The coin has no meaning, it's just a thing, you didn't even carry that at your lessons. You just gave it meaning when you when you looked at it. It's like some of these laws, they don't have any meaning, until you look at them and you give them meeting." All of a sudden the hero's law made sense.

A hero is a hero as long as his law is in line with the People's law. Dominic was a villain because he saw the law his way, he interpreted it as different from the people. He wanted true freedom not guise of freedom. He was only a villain because the people said he was a villain. Mr. Marvelous was only a hero because the people said he was.

He was only a symbol as long as the people would have him a symbol.