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La Vie Common Sense and Common Knowledge
Title: La Vie Common Sense and Common Knowledge
Prompt: A better idea, Google
Bonus? Y, no dialouge
Word Count: 224
Rating: E, everyone
Original/Fandom: Original, stream of thought
Pairings (if any) N/A
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): N/A
Summary: The information killed the idea of common sense and knowledge....

Dearly beloved we gather here to say our goodbyes. Here the idea lies, no remembers it’s worth. The late great child of great thinkers past, we raise our books and ereaders, we shed a tear, as we say goodbye to common sense and common knowledge. They are dying in tandem as the information-at-your-finger-tips era grows more.

They respond with the same thing every time I ask a question. They ask why I don’t just Google it. It has gone so fat even my professor have started the GFQS, Google first, question second. This is the beginning of the end of true knowledge. This is the beginning of the Google age, where no one really learns, the information is at your finger tips. There is no need to remember anything since it lives on the web. The only thing you must be able to do is type.

We need to stop this in sanity. We need a better idea for information. We need to not relay on Google and relay on our own minds. Ignorance is bred in the minds of those that relay on the information of the web while intelligence is bred in the minds of those that remember what a book was. Intelligence is seen by those that have a library they can touch even if it is on piece of technology.


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Wow, this piece is sure right on the money! It's such an amazing thing to have all this knowledge at our fingertips I think we forget that there are side effects to having it. You point that out eloquently here, and I like the overall saitrical feel of it. I could see this as an editorial in a newspaper or as snark on a politically themed show. Good job!

((Btw, I love your sig tag. That cartoon is a must-see every Halloween for me because it terrified me as a child.))

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