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[sticky post]Welcome to my Journal
So because I just noticed that I did not do this originally, I want to make a welcome to my journal sticky post.

Welcome to the place were the dark recesses of mind reach out and place themselves upon paper for you to see them.  I write things that either pull from an odd direction or are dark in nature. 

I am trying to become a writer (if anyone will publish me...).  I'll probably edit this when I have more time.

If you like my stuff and want to help encourage me go to this link -> http://www.facebook.com/theotherAA  <- and hit like.  So far that has been a huge help to me. 

Comments and criticisms are always welcome in my opinion.  How can someone improve if no one tells them they suck?  How would the king have known he was naked had no one said anything?


Hero's Clarity
Mr. Marvelous set on the short stairs leading into the building. Between his fingers danced a dull gold coin. His eyes followed the glint of the streetlight as it flashed off the coin. He became lost in thought about the man that gave him the coin. The coin had no meaning, no value, it was nothing but a coin. It was very much like the law that he imposed upon criminals. It had no meaning until given meaning.

Frankie Fire taught him the hero's law. He was the man that trained Mr. Marvelous after Dominic faked his own death. Frankie had handed him the coin his first day explaining to him that the coin was a symbol. To Mr. Marvelous the coin would become his symbol of all that was good.

For many years Mattie Marvelous associated his coin with his good. Any time he he had doubts about his morals he could look at the coin and be reminded of all of his lessons. Then, just hours ago, Frankie dropped a figurative bombshell on him.

"You still carry that thing? I figured by now you would've learned what I meant to teach you. The coin has no meaning, it's just a thing, you didn't even carry that at your lessons. You just gave it meaning when you when you looked at it. It's like some of these laws, they don't have any meaning, until you look at them and you give them meeting." All of a sudden the hero's law made sense.

A hero is a hero as long as his law is in line with the People's law. Dominic was a villain because he saw the law his way, he interpreted it as different from the people. He wanted true freedom not guise of freedom. He was only a villain because the people said he was a villain. Mr. Marvelous was only a hero because the people said he was.

He was only a symbol as long as the people would have him a symbol.

She watched yourself get ready in the mirror. Bored, bland, doing the exact same thing as yesterday, as a year ago, as five years ago. When had she become so predictable? In high school she was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" and called a motivated shining star by her professors.

Somewhere along the way that determination had left her. She had just stopped trying. It could have been mediocrity of her day. The same report, the same way every day. The same type of clothing from day-to-day with minor color changes but always bland changes. It could have been any number of things.

She watched yourself slip the silver buttons to the respective holes. She watched the morning sun glint off them. Something about it finally broke the monotony.

"NO!" She all but screamed at her own reflection. "No more. Something's got to change."

She pulled out the run-of-the-mill report she had prepared for the day. She rewrote the opening entirely. She made modifications throughout making the report more exciting through her word choice. After she finished with the report she went to her closet to change. Today she dressed to stun them.

From this day forward she wasn't just going to sit idly by.

Thirty-Day Personal Challenge!
Over the next 30 days I will write 100 words or better from completely random prompts as suggested by friends. Prompts may use any characters from past stories, totally new characters, or be fanfiction. Each will be posted to my Tumblr and LiveJournal accounts with links to on Facebook that denote who gave me the prompt.

IT'S ALIVE!!! -At least according to the doctors.
I'm back! I'm not kidding this time. I'm not just going to show up dance around drunkenly and then fall out the door again. This time, this time on here to stay.

After week or so I'll try to join back to the communities I had once been a member of. I hope that even those that accept to be back after my first hiatus will still accept me back now. I have no excuse for the sudden departure beyond that life took a turn that I wasn't expecting.

In fact life has taken another turn for the unexpected this time for the good though. Things are to a point working out for me lately. As such I find myself time to actually write.

Not really sure where this came from but I wrote a poem about a slave and master relationship.

It's not graphic, I'd say a rating a of G or so simple because of the type of the relationship implied.

Whips and chains excite meCollapse )

La Vie Common Sense and Common Knowledge
Title: La Vie Common Sense and Common Knowledge
Prompt: A better idea, Google
Bonus? Y, no dialouge
Word Count: 224
Rating: E, everyone
Original/Fandom: Original, stream of thought
Pairings (if any) N/A
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): N/A
Summary: The information killed the idea of common sense and knowledge....

A funeral for nothing....Collapse )

I found a post on a website. The person was talking about killing themselves and resenting those that tell them not to be sad or to be happy. They were asking why it isn't okay to think that suicide is the answer that they have no future. This was my response to that....

Their words do carry weight and I can't tell you it will get better, because that depends on you. I have been there. I have filled the tub half with water. I have put the knife to my wrist and pressed until it was just this side of cutting. I have been there more times then I can count, on that edge of life and death, but I always stopped and thought. I can't tell you what I thought but it gave me hope for a better day tomorrow. It gave me courage to stand up the next day and listen to the same things. It gave me myself to stand beside, myself to hold me up and provide a shoulder. Along the way there were hands that picked me up but without myself to give me courage I never would have made it. What ever thought it was (my mother finding me laying in a pool of blood) that gave me (my grandmother weeping and with drawling away from the world) courage and (my grandfather's anger to hide his sadness) hope but whatever it was (the things I would miss all those experiences) kept me going (and once the voices started to quiet and I could really live) through the worst of their torments. I survived it. I survived it and so can you. My inbox is always open and if you choose to talk to me

A Lovely Night to be Surprised
Something I wrote for RaTs...

Title: A Lovely Night to be Surprised
Author: Ashton Albright
Prompts: Vanilla #30 (cloudy/star-gazing), Chocolate #26 (nostalgia), and Milk Chocolate #20 (surprise)
Rating: G, not really anything just something implied...
Summary: Staring at the sky thinking thoughts of you...

Summer Nights...Collapse )

Bored to Death
Authur: Ashton Albright
Challenge: Vanilla #1 and White Chocolate #2
Word Count: 198
Rating: E (for everyone)
Summary: My reaction to shopping...

Bored to DeathCollapse )